G H V S T B O R †

by Dead Youth

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released July 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Dead Youth Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: I N † R O
I'm a bastard
Fuck you
Through this ever-changing psyche,
The journey never ends

I'm hateful
Disciple of grit
"You're the motherfucking worst"

Smoke to exhale
Srembling, so pale
Rushing, tumbling,
I hurt

Thoughts of reprieve
Salem's calling
forget to breath
Track Name: G H V S T B O R †
I ain't saying I'm alone,
I'm just saying that I ain't got it
Got my eye up on your soul
And I put it in my pocket
I'ma take you with me down here,
Down and back with the neon lights
Black attack
Get ya face up out the gutter
Fuck it, fight.

Turn it up,
I can't hear it
When your ears decay
The devil's flower is the soundtrack to my death today
And you are looking good
With that skull in your hood
And I'll never ask again
Now that Hades is my friend
What you doin in the 5th ring
Talking to the wrathful dead
I'm not tryin to lie,
I'm just alone
And when you're gone,
You're dead.

Track Name: C 7 2 0
Come up in your house
Quiet as a mouse
Pictures of your face
I don't leave a trace
Come up in your house
Quiet as a mouse
Like a little sleeping angel,
I just look at you

Hit the fucking blunt
Let my eyes roll back
The moonlight on your face
It's dancing on that lace
sleeping beauty eyes
beetles crawling up your thighs
My breath a little sour,
Drinking gin up after hours
It's Friday, 3 a.m.
can't wait to break in
Creepin' like a ghost
And come up in your house again
It's alright cuz you don't cry,
Keep feeding you these lies.


I'm a nightmare for real
I'ma slip off your heels
and go in for the kill
and you're lying so still
are you already gone?
Ima roach in your eye
broaching my thigh
With my ski mask
red lips framed in black
she knows I'll be back
she says that I'm evil
I'm a nightmare for real
I'm a nightmare for real

Track Name: S A L T // I R ON
My fucking skin
Is crawling; feels bad
No surprise I'm bawling
Bowling balls down glass statues of you
Call roll call I scream "not here"
I'm gone
You knew that I can't show up
You can't see me, fuck your eyes
I smash it on my face
Your face, I like the way you taste,
I grab your waist, don't waste my time
Think about me when you do that thing you do
You know with knives and lips and pictures of me with a vintage gun to my head

Burn my lips and fingertips,
Splif melting, the world burns
Apathy takes part, I hold back
Slowly die and never look back
Burn through the whole pack
Lay back, you sit tight
Give up, there's no fight;
Everything fades to black tonight
Kill it; stop that shit
Fingers scraping; concrete ditch
I can't take shit, you eclipse behind ya bish
Noises everywhere; sickness.
Eye's rolling, skin sweating- kill it.